Children playing games with the teacher
Children looking up to the sky


Understanding the World

All children are provided with opportunities to explore and find out about their environment. Our resources and activities encourage the children to question, experiment and explore the world around them. Parents are encouraged to take part in their children’s learning by celebrating festivals and important events with the Nursery. Children’s self-esteem and acceptance encourages them to recognise and celebrate all children’s abilities as part of the nursery family.

Expressive Arts and Design

Children explore and share thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of creative activities. They are encouraged to use their imagination through art and design, music, dance, role play and voices; the emphasis is on the children’s participation and efforts.

Physical Development

From their first attempt at sitting independently, to competing in races at our Annual Sports Day, children are encouraged to develop confidence, hand eye co-ordination and control, both indoors and out.