children with their teacher outside
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About Us

Our settings uniquely combine the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum with a Montessori ethos.


Children need to explore and learn at their own pace. Once they gain confidence and discover the joy of learning, that’s when they start to fly.

Every day, we see how your child is progressing, their likes and dislikes, and tailor their learning accordingly.

At the beginning, your child will concentrate on personal, social and emotional development, alongside physical development, communication and language skills. Our over-threes build on these areas with literacy, maths, and creative arts and design. By the time they leave, children can count and do simple sums, and are enjoying learning to read and write whilst learning about the world through expressive arts and design.

If a child is absorbed in a book, painting or game, we let them carry on. We also make sure that books, sorting and counting games, and drawing, writing and painting equipment are always available. So when your child’s ready to learn something new, inspiration is within reach.