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Claudia Neves

Claudia N
Montessori Diploma

Welcome to St Margarets Montessori!

The best way I can describe St Margarets Montessori Nursery School is using the Zulu word, ‘Ubuntu’. A word to express the understanding of human interdependency and connectedness. It is a celebration of the wonders of our diversity, encouraging each individual to live their full potential and see the potential in others.

Ubuntu is evident in our dedicated team, always ready to support each other, to create the best possible community environment for our children and their families to join.

The Montessori philosophy is closely linked with this same understanding, called the Cosmic Education. Respecting that each child is important as an individual, but that all of these individuals are interlinked with each other, and nature as a whole.

In our rich and very carefully prepared school environment, the children are encouraged to explore, discover, question and reflect. Curiosity leads them to engage and learn, to keep probing deeper, to develop their concentration and an inquisitive mind. Leading them to love learning and become learners for life; confident and aware of their importance.

We are so fortunate to have a large garden that the children can enjoy everyday, whatever the weather! On a daily basis, they experience their connection with nature, learning their essential role in the balance of our common home. This is supported through Forest School as well as being part of the Eco School.

We don’t only connect the children to the natural world but also to the world in which they live, helping them to feel part of the wider community. Walks to the shop and library, helping our neighbours and visiting our local Care Home via our Intergenerational Project with BRIGHTER TOGETHER, all foster strong relationships with our local community.

Our family is always growing, and we would love to invite you to come and see what we are all about.

Claudia Neves