smiling child dancing at nursery

Claudia Neves

Claudia Neves Riverside Nurseries

As a child, Claudia knew she wanted to be a teacher, but life kept her from committing until she discovered Montessori. It was then that she realised that she did not want to be a teacher, but a Montessori Directress. What is the difference? The Montessori Directress does not teach. Each child has the inner teacher and our job is to guide or direct them towards their full potential. We allow the children to develop their gifts and talents by encouraging them to listen to themselves and believe in themselves.

Claudia is passionate about Montessori education and has been lucky enough to travel the world with Montessori. Claudia has learnt from many amazing Montessorians since her Montessori journey began in 2002.

In her role as Learning and Development Lead Claudia has the opportunity to spread the word about this amazing pedagogy.