children and teacher stretching

Christine Mare

smiling woman with shoulder length brown hair

Welcome to Kew Montessori Nursery School!

For over 35 years we have served the families of Kew providing the best quality Montessori nursery education for children from the age of 2 years until they start school.

It is a privilege to welcome each and every child individually at the beginning of each day and it so heart-warming to hear their excited voices fill the classrooms as they find their teachers and friends.

During my time at Kew Montessori, I have been truly fortunate to watch so many of our children grow and flourish. At our school we strive to install within the children the intellectual, emotional and physical needs required to become flexible thinkers, self-motivated learners and citizens of the world.

The teaching team encourages the development of the whole child by providing a comprehensive Montessori education, with an abundance of thoughtfully and carefully prepared activities. This curriculum not only provides these early years foundation skills but also nurtures independent thinking, empathy for others, social ability and confidence.

I believe each child embodies a unique and wonderful spirit and my aspiration is to see these children in our care grown into adults who are independent, responsible and compassionate individuals. We see the early years as a preparation for life and a foundation on which everything that follows is built. ‘Who’ a child is, we feel, is more important than ‘what’ a child achieves in the form of goals during this time.

We would love you to come and visit us. It is only by visiting the nursery and seeing everyone working together that the real atmosphere and “magic” can be experienced.

I look forward to meeting you and your child.

Christine Maré