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Libby Nicholas

Libby Nicholas riverside nurseries

Libby is responsible for the Dukes Education nurseries and day schools. Having graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in English & Philosophy, Libby realised her true vocation when working with The Prince’s Trust.

Libby completed her PGCE and was accepted on the National Fast Track Teaching Programme ranking as one of the ‘Top Ten Nationwide Fast Track Teachers’. Progressing quickly from teaching English to increasingly senior roles, Libby has held positions such as Head of Year, Deputy Head, Headmistress, Deputy Director of Education at the Girls’ Day School Trust, and Regional Director of Education for the South & West at the Academies Enterprise Trust.

Prior to joining Dukes, Libby founded and was CEO of Astrea Academy Trust – a family of 27 schools across Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire. Libby’s areas of professional expertise include the delivery of school improvement, strategic organisational change, curriculum design, and innovation and all aspects of teaching and learning – thinking, theory, and pedagogy.