Day Nursery in Kew

FAQs At Twickenham Park

We have put together a collection of questions which families looking to join Twickenham Park Nursery School often ask us. We hope the answers are useful but please do not hesitate to get in touch with any further queries!

Are you open all year round or term-time only?

We are open all year round, excluding Bank Holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year.

What are your daily opening hours?

Our core opening hours are from 8am to 6pm.

Do you welcome babies at Twickenham Park?

Yes, we welcome children aged three months – five years at Twickenham Park.

Are the different age groups split up?

We have four rooms at Twickenham Park Nursery.

Babies aged 3-18 months and 18-24 months are in two adjoining rooms. Children aged two-three years old are in the nursery room and our three-five year olds are in the pre-school room.

What is your settling in process for new families?

We offer bespoke settling in sessions, which the parents can attend, to ensure your child has the best possible start to nursery life with us.

We want our settling in process at Twickenham Park to suit each family’s needs, so we like to be flexible. Usually, the settling process takes place over three weeks and your child will attend on nine occasions, starting with a one hour session, increasing in length to six. This period is free of charge.

What are your staff to child ratios?

We follow the national ratio requirements. For babies this is one adult to three babies, for two to three year olds this is one adult to four toddlers, and for three and four year olds this is one adult to eight children.

Key Educator System: Your child will always have an educator at nursery who looks after their wellbeing and monitors their educational journey.

Do you have any outdoor space?

Yes, we have a spacious outdoor area which the children use several times a day, whatever the weather!

Do you provide meals and snacks?

Yes, we provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and mid-morning and afternoon snacks.

We believe that good nutrition is essential in young children if they are to grow and develop. Everything is freshly prepared on site by our chef and as much as possible is fresh, organic and seasonal.

We aim to cater for different cultural and religious backgrounds and children with food allergies and intolerances.

Please note: for babies, diets are pre-arranged with parents according to their age.

How often do the children have naps?

Babies sleep according to their home routine, while the toddlers and nursery class sleep after lunch.

Parents of babies and toddlers receive a daily diary sheet about their child’s day, including information about their sleep.