Nursery in St Margarets

FAQs at Kew Montessori

We have put together a collection of questions which families looking to join Kew Montessori often ask us. We hope the answers are useful but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like any further information!

Are you open all year round or term-time only?

We are open term-time only from 9.10am-3.05pm and run extra clubs during the holidays.

Do you welcome babies at Kew Montessori?

Children are welcome to join us from the age of two years old up until they transition to primary school.

Are different aged children split up?

We have one classroom which is a mixed age group from two years to four years, which is a hallmark of Montessori education.

What is your settling in process for new families?

Settling in is very much an individual process, as every child and family have different needs.

Your child’s Key Educator will work together with you to ensure the settling in process is as smooth as possible. We usually suggest that for the first week the sessions are shorter and then gradually extend the session time.

What are your staff to child ratios?

We follow the national ratio requirements. For two to three year olds this is one adult to four toddlers, and for three and four year olds this is one adult to eight children.

Key Educator System: Your child will always have an educator at nursery who looks after their wellbeing and monitors their educational journey.

Do you have any outdoor space?

Yes, we are lucky to have our own private outdoor area and we also use a public playground across the road.

Do you provide meals and snacks?

We provide a healthy mid-morning snack but children bring their own packed lunch.

How often do the children have naps?

Nap time is available on request but there is always rest time after lunch.

How often will I receive updates on my child's progress?

Parents receive verbal feedback about their child every day. In addition to this, we use an online platform, to share observations with parents.

We do parent consultations once a term to discuss progress and ensure the continuity of learning between home and nursery. We also send out weekly newsletters with events, reminders and whole nursery news.

Do you require a deposit or registration fee?

When accepting a place we require a £400 deposit (refundable in your child’s last term) and a £75 non-refundable registration fee.

Does my child need to be toilet trained before starting nursery?

No. We are happy to accept children before they are toilet trained.

If my child attends Kew Montessori do they get priority for entry to Broomfield House School?

Yes, all children from Riverside Nursery Schools receive priority entry to Broomfield House School.