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Nutrition in Eary Years

16th August 2021

Tips from a Nursery Chef It’s no secret that nutrition is important at any age but particularly during the first few years of a child’s life. This is a crucial time for growth, not just physically but also as they develop healthy eating patterns that will follow them throughout life and nurseries have a key role to play in this.  With over 720,000 children in the UK currently attending early years settings, it…

What To Look For When Choosing A Nursery School

19th May 2021

When you know, you know… There is a striking similarity between nursery school and house show rounds; all the key attributes can be communicated effectively but ultimately you will have an innate sense of whether somewhere is the right or wrong place for you, usually minutes after stepping foot inside! That being said, it is…

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

19th March 2021

Emotional Intelligence – The Big Five As part of my reading for the Dukes Education Senior Leadership Program, I have been particularly interested in the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and found it has real resonance in the preparation of the adult for our work with children. Upon reading, it quickly became apparent that many…

The Benefits Of The Montessori Method

19th February 2021

[First published in Insight, January 2021] Aimee Kimbell, Principal of Riverside Nursery Schools, is one of the UK’s foremost experts in the Montessori Method. She explores the ways in which this theory of education, developed in the early 1900s, continues to deliver an outstanding start in life for our children, to this day. ‘Give me a…