children and teacher stretching

Aims and Ethos


Getting up when we fall down, brushing ourselves off and trying again


Seeing magic in the world and conjuring our own unique interpretation


Learning and respecting the truth about ourselves, others and the world around us as we learn and grow


Sharing feelings and experiences to create a nurturing and comforting learning environment for all


Developing autonomy and integrity of self and the abilities to work both independently and collaboratively

Riverside Aims:

  1. To produce happy and confident children
  2. Offer a broad and well-rounded education
  3. Realise the potential of each child
  4. Provide high-calibre staff who are themselves open to learning and are given training opportunities for continuing professional development
  5. Motivate every child through a fantastic educational experience
  6. Ensure that the parents, staff and children are part of a team and enjoy their time at Riverside.
  7. Install strong family values, which embrace our diverse community to create a ‘home from home’ experience.
  8. Provide opportunities for children to learn through spontaneous, free flow and active learning.
  9. Provide an equal environment so that everyone is included.
  10. To use observations and records to support the children in their individual needs and interests.
  11. Establish a caring and courteous community, which embraces the principal that every child matters.