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Posted: 1st December 2020

Montessori Nursery in Kew


Welcome to Riverside Nursery Schools. 

Our Nursery schools offer each child a unique curriculum, tailored to their individual interests and needs. Riverside early-years educators bring together the best elements from several established and time-proven pedagogical theories including Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Forest School, going far beyond the seven areas of learning in the Department for Education’s Early Years Foundation Scheme (EYFS). The education provided is steered by expertise and experience, combined with knowledge of the latest scientific breakthroughs in child development and neurodevelopment, to deliver a learning experience bespoke to each child.

At the centre of every experience is a focus on the five Riverside Dispositions of Resilience, Imagination, Veracity, Empathy and Responsibility alongside care and support of the child and their family at all levels. This extends to support for Riverside Nursery Schools staff who have access to a comprehensive programme of professional learning and development.

Aimee Kimbell, Principal of Riverside Nursery Schools says, “At Riverside, every Educator is committed to ensuring all children have the best possible start to their educational journey drawing on over forty years of expertise. We ensure each child is thriving and happy every day and celebrate their natural curiosity. It is a privilege to be gifted a child during their time with us and I am delighted to be leading such a wonderful family of nursery schools.”

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